Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's be a little a little "Material" girl... just like Madonna said..

I know, I know… It is a bad thing, but tell me.. Do you know any girl that can stop herself from being “seduced” by a pair of gorgeous shoes or a marvelous dress or some stunning sunglasses??? I am pretty sure you don’t know ANY girl, I bet you that one!!.. I know that you would be able to find a girl that can stop herself from buying it, but is not exactly the one that is making the decision… Her wallet is the one that will… and I can tell you that one by my own experience…  lol

I guess is time to open up and tell you a little about my story…
I am not exactly a COSMO girl by any matter, the people that knows me in person know that I am not exactly a ”fashionista”, but I love to do A LOT of screen shopping.. After living in Milan, “Worlds Fashion Capital” for couple of years as a “Poor international student”, you can’t avoid yourself on dreaming some times on being the woman in the following video, mostly, because I am so in love with the adorable “eye-catching” look of the “Gals” walking down “Il quadrilatero della moda” or Via Montenapoleone fashion district  that I just wish one day “when I grew up” I can do that at least for an hour before finishing up with the savings of my life (and Mikey’s as well.. lol)

So yes, I know the video is so “dreamy”… and Prada may not be for everyone’s (us working class) wallet… we can keep on dreaming that someday, we have the opportunity to own at least one of those “Art” pieces, don’t you think???

The picture that I used to start with this blog is very special to me, because makes me remember my beloved friend Milan, I know, he has the name of the city as well!!.. I took this picture as the view of his room to downtown Milan, the white building in the right is the sooo soooo famous "Duomo di Milano" and in the left is "Torre Velasca" that to my taste is not exactly a pretty builing, but adds up a lot of character and diversity to the city that is impossible not to like it at the end..

Any thoughts or dreams  to be a "Material girl" one day???

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