Friday, May 11, 2012

Living in Minnesota in the spring... is like the best thing ever!!!...  (with "Enchiladas Potosinas")

The picture above is an inspirational picture from the blooming tulips that I took with my phone… but to start with today’s blog’s I guess that I have to say that I am extremely happy that the winter cold is in the past and that for couple of months here in the cities we will be able to have decent weather and then just couple of weeks with amazing summer and then back to the cold again… I guess this is something I will never understand, coming from were warm weather is a normal statement, Minneapolis in the other hand, just makes me feel like I live in my ice cube for more than ¾ parts of the year…

I had an interesting couple days… Yesterday I had my photography class examination, and was very interesting how I being improving, my skills, I have something for architecture and weird details is something that my classmates made me realize yesterday, and certainly like that!!.. I wish I can start improving my portraiture photography, but the hubby gets in a mood to not cooperate at all, so I will have to find a way to improve.. if you wanna take a look at my photographs here is the link:  here couple of them, that are my little favorites:

I called this one "Meet me for coffee" and is following the "Light Painting" technique... so in love with it!!... (what do you think??)

This one is "The gold medal sign" that is a typical landmark of the City of Minneapolis, since it face the Mississippi river, I really like the cool reflection that my lens created!

In other crazy ideas, I want to share with you today my first recipe in this blog

I am a big lover of REAL Mexican food, and just get insulted must of the time with what Americans call “Mexican food” Yes, I know, here in Minnesota we are far far faaaar away from the border that there is just a glimpse of idea of what that really is… so, the other day I was watching online a good TV chef from Mexico, she works in a Morning show called “Venga la Alegria” and she presented a delicious recipe called “Enchiladas Potosinas”, this is not the typical idea of what in USA is categorized as “Enchiladas” this ones and the REAL Mexican ones don’t have rice, or beans or weird things inside…. (I am not saying that those ones are not good… I meet my hubby because he gave me the AMERICAN recipe for enchiladas, so don’t give me wrong, but back then, 4 years ago, I was not even able to boil water…. And I am not laying, I have being running a milestone, and so happy now I can cook for me, the hubs and my friends from around the world…)

…OK, I think I got immersed on my thoughts and don’t want to make you get board… so here you go…

Enchiladas Potosinas.

• 1 kilo of corn tortilla dough*
• 6 Guajillo chilies (easy to find in the Hispanic isle in the grocery stores if you don't want it super spicy, you can just put 2-3 to get the color in the tortillas)
• ¼ cup water
• Salt to taste

For the filling:
• 1 onion, chopped
• 200g of grated cheese
• 1/4 cup green sauce “Salsa verde”

To garnish:
• Lettuce slice
• Avocado
• Sour Cream


*I made my own corn tortilla dough with couple of cups of “white corn flour” that can be found in the Hispanic isle in the grocery stores and couple of cups of warm water, a pinch of salt and mixed them with the electric mixer for 4 minutes in low speed, until while you touch it is not sticky… I usually get 8 good size tortillas per cup of corn flower, so you can figure the end product quantities pretty easy.

1. Hydrate the chiles in hot water, seeded and deveined until thoroughly soft. (I did boil the water with salt and put the chiles there for 5 minutes before I turn off the heat, then I just did let them stay there for like 30 minutes to get softer)

2. In a blender grind the chiles with the water until dough is smooth and well blended. (I used the same water were they were I boiled them)

3. Knead the dough for tortillas with guajillo sauce and season with salt to taste (Since you did read my recipe above for the corn tortillas, I used couple cups of the flour and instead of warm water I used the warm blend of water and chiles)

4. Make balls of the same size and cover with a damp cloth or plastic (you can get 16 good size “balls”, my secret is to divide them first in half, then in half again.. and so on, until I divide the dough in 16 simillar size balls).

5. In a skillet with a little oil fry the onion until it becomes soft, transparent add the cheese and some “salsa verde” (you don’t need to much salsa because you don’t want the filling to be to liquid, you want it to be more in to the chunky side, if not while you continue with this recipe you will make a terrible mess)

6. In a tortilla press with plastic (I use parchment paper) make an omelette with the mass of guajillo, (If you don’t have a tortilla press, don’t worry, you can use a big circular plate as a press, you will get the same results) fill with the onion mixture with cheese and press the ends to close.

7. In a skillet with a little oil fry cooking enchiladas from both sides.

I did let the oil to drain for a little with some kitchen napkings to reduce the fat...

8. Serve with lettuce, avocado and cream to taste, and "voilà"

This is the original post that I used, so pretty much I am just kinda translate it to English and added some personal comments after making them…

So tell me... Are going to try to make this ORIGINAL recipe???... and if you do, don't forget to post a picture or a comment!!.. I will be super super happy to listen about it!!!

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